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Originally from Cd.Victoria, Tamaulipas, I have 27 years and am of the lucky ones from small knew what they would do great No, but at the moment I took my first camera, preowned, I felt like that boy who discovers a passion that governed his life.

How much life I found in practice the experience he needed, but one day was not enough and began reading and studying on my own theory I needed to consolidate my knowledge.

It was so understood that photography had given my life direction and direction but mostly a form of communication that transcended, in me and in others a unique way with frozen moments; but alive, with each of the stories, feelings and experiences that accompany my portraits.

So it was that the world conspired with me and took me to work in public and private companies. But it was not until I was photographer private Governor of Tamaulipas my job as a photographer was consolidated, giving me the opportunity to fulfill myself professionally in 2012.

I continued for a while with the policy, and then I had my own studio for a year, a short time when I realized that the photograph that moved me was the small moments of moments and that perpetuated emotions and experiences.

So I undertook a tour of some states marveling Republic of culture, people, colors, traditions, cuisine and their stories so I began to portray what had marveled me. There I came face to face with the beauty of documentary photography.

“If you know to expect the people will forget your camera and then your soul will come to light.” -Steve McCurry


El mismo camino


History has change


Roots Of Mexico



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